Möglichkeiten für benachteiligte Hersteller schaffen


Reduzierung der Armut ist Kernstück der Organisationsziele. Die WFTO unterstützt kleine Hersteller aus Randgruppen und strebt dadurch an, das Einkommen der Hersteller zu sichern sowie ihnen eine Selbstversorgung zu ermöglichen.

Transparenz und Verantwortung


Management und Handelsbeziehungen der WFTO sind transparent. Angestellte, Mitglieder und Hersteller sind in die Entscheidungsprozesse miteinbezogen - so wird gesichert, dass wichtige Informationen an alle Handelspartner weitergegeben werden.

Faire Handelsausübung


Die WFTO handelt im Interesse des sozialen, ökonomischen und ökologischen Wohlergehens von kleinen Herstellern aus Randgruppen und zieht keinen Profit aus deren Kosten. Die Zulieferer respektieren die Verträge und liefern Produkte zeitnah in der gewünschten Qualität. Fair Trade buyers, recognizing the financial disadvantages producers and suppliers face, ensure orders are paid on receipt of documents and according to the attached guidelines. An interest free pre-payment of at least 50% is made if requested. Where southern Fair Trade suppliers receive a pre payment from buyers, they ensure that this payment is passed on to the producers or farmers who make or grow their Fair Trade products. Buyers consult with suppliers before canceling or rejecting orders. Where orders are cancelled through no fault of producers or suppliers, adequate compensation is guaranteed for work already done. Suppliers and producers consult with buyers if there is a problem with delivery, and ensure compensation is provided when delivered quantities and qualities do not match those invoiced. The organization maintains long term relationships based on solidarity, trust and mutual respect that contribute to the promotion and growth of Fair Trade. It maintains effective communication with its trading partners. Parties involved in a trading relationship seek to increase the volume of the trade between them and the value and diversity of their product offer as a means of growing Fair Trade for the producers in order to increase their incomes. The organization works cooperatively with the other Fair Trade Organizations in country and avoids unfair competition. It avoids duplicating the designs of patterns of other organizations without permission. Fair Trade recognizes, promotes and protects the cultural identity and traditional skills of small producers as reflected in their craft designs, food products and other related services

Bezahlung fairer Preise


A fair price is one that has been mutually agreed by all through dialogue and participation, which provides fair pay to the producers and can also be sustained by the market. Where Fair Trade pricing structures exist, these are used as a minimum. Fair pay means provision of socially acceptable remuneration (in the local context) considered by producers themselves to be fair and which takes into account the principle of equal pay for equal work by women and men. Fair Trade marketing and importing organizations support capacity building as required to producers, to enable them to set a fair price.

Gewährleistung keiner Kinder- und Zwangsarbeit


The organization adheres to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and national / local law on the employment of children. The organization ensures that there is no forced labor in its workforce and / or members or homeworkers. Organizations who buy Fair Trade products from producer groups either directly or through intermediaries ensure that no forced labor is used in production and the producer complies with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and national / local law on the employment of children. Any involvement of children in the production of Fair Trade products (including learning a traditional art or craft) is always disclosed and monitored and does not adversely affect the children's well-being, security, educational requirements and need for play.

Einsatz gegen Diskriminierung, Geschlechtergleichheit und Vereinigungsfreiheit


The organization does not discriminate in hiring, remuneration, access to training, promotion, termination or retirement based on race, caste, national origin, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, union membership, political affiliation, HIV/Aids status or age. The organization provides opportunities for women and men to develop their skills and actively promotes applications from women for job vacancies and for leadership positions in the organization. The organization takes into account the special health and safety needs of pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers. Women fully participate in decisions concerning the use of benefits accruing from the production process. The organization respects the right of all employees to form and join trade unions of their choice and to bargain collectively. Where the right to join trade unions and bargain collectively are restricted by law and/or political environment, the organization will enable means of independent and free association and bargaining for employees. The organization ensures that representatives of employees are not subject to discrimination in the workplace. Organizations working directly with producers ensure that women are always paid for their contribution to the production process, and when women do the same work as men they are paid at the same rates as men. Organizations also seek to ensure that in production situations where women's work is valued less highly than men's work, women's work is re- valued to equalize pay rates and women are allowed to undertake work according to their capacities.

Sicherstellung guter Arbeitsbedingungen


Die WFTO bietet für ihre Angestellten und Mitglieder eine sichere und gesunde Arbeitsumgebung. Arbeitszeiten und -bedingungen erfüllen gesetzlichen Auflagen und die der Internationalen Arbeitsorganisation. Fair Trade Organizations are aware of the health and safety conditions in the producer groups they buy from. They seek, on an ongoing basis, to raise awareness of health and safety issues and improve health and safety practices in producer groups.

Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe unterstützen


The organization seeks to increase positive developmental impacts for small, marginalized producers through Fair Trade. The organization develops the skills and capabilities of its own employees or members. Organizations working directly with small producers develop specific activities to help these producers improve their management skills, production capabilities and access to markets - local / regional / international / Fair Trade and mainstream as appropriate. Organizations which buy Fair Trade products through Fair Trade intermediaries in the South assist these organizations to develop their capacity to support the marginalized producer groups that they work with.

Förderung von Fair Trade


The organization raises awareness of the aim of Fair Trade and of the need for greater justice in world trade through Fair Trade. It advocates for the objectives and activities of Fair Trade according to the scope of the organization. The organization provides its customers with information about itself, the products it markets, and the producer organizations or members that make or harvest the products. Honest advertising and marketing techniques are always used.

Respekt vor der Umwelt


Organizations which produce Fair Trade products maximize the use of raw materials from sustainably managed sources in their ranges, buying locally when possible. They use production technologies that seek to reduce energy consumption and where possible use renewable energy technologies that minimize greenhouse gas emissions. They seek to minimize the impact of their waste stream on the environment. Fair Trade agricultural commodity producers minimize their environmental impacts, by using organic or low pesticide use production methods wherever possible. Buyers and importers of Fair Trade products give priority to buying products made from raw materials that originate from sustainably managed sources, and have the least overall impact on the environment. All organizations use recycled or easily biodegradable materials for packing to the extent possible, and goods are dispatched by sea wherever possible.

Unsere Produkte werden aus vorhandenen Naturmaterialien (Bananenblätter) handgefertigt. Wir verbinden diese nachhaltigen Rohstoffe mit Recyclingprodukten wie Weißblechdosen, Paperbeads und Glassbeads.

Die Einzigartigkeit unserer Produkte spiegelt die Vielfalt Ostafrikas und den Ideenreichtum unserer Produzentinnen wider. Mit jedem Produkt setzen Sie einen nachhaltigen Fußabdruck im Bestreben unsere Welt ein wenig fairer werden zu lassen.